Mema’s Gentle Tummy Tamer Healing Immunitea


Mema’s Gentle Tummy Tamer Healing Immunitea



Our Organic Tummy Tamer Tea is the perfect remedy for your tender tummy. Like a warm hug from Mema, this nourishing blend will brig you right back to self… and all is well again.

Chosen for every body, little and grown, this tea was handcrafted with the whole family’s wellness in mind. With the flavor boost of papaya and the warmth of ginger, lemon and orange, this hot cup of tea is just what our OG doc Mother Earth ordered for a sour tummy and/or a gentle support for ease of digestion. Delicious all on it’s own or obsessive with splash of honey, we know you will just love this organic blend and feel the comfort and nurture of safe and loving arms around you with every sip. Heal well Mama, and take care sweet little ones- you are already on your way.

Enjoy 15 cups of Mema’s Gentle Tummy Tamer with every bag! Brew hot and transoform into an iced tea if desired… it’s all in your hands!

Comforting Ingredients:

Organic Papaya

Organic Roasted Chicory Root

Organic Ginger Root

Organic Lemongrass

Organic Orange Peel

Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Organic Hibiscus

Organic Coriander Seed

Organic Cinnamon


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