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We're Crunchy and we LOVE it!

enjoying organic living everyday

Hi, I'm Whitney!

My journey started in a kitchen of course! I’ll always deeply value one of my first jobs as a nanny for a family of chiropractors when I was just 19. The mother, Rachel, would hand write out recipes for the kids and I to make together. I would send Katelyn out to their garden to pick fresh vegetables and even ground herbs & spices in a mortar and pestle. When the kids were sick, I would make herbal teas and give them their homemade tinctures to nurse them back to health. Eventually I was asked to come and help at their family  office and events teaching the public and patients about their nervous systems and holistic health. And so it began… Today, you’ll find me at local mommy meetups with my baby in tow talking everything ridiculously crunchy and attending local events and craft fairs educating the community on simple tricks to staying well. It’s a passion I’ve grown and a purpose that I get to pour out. I think I’ve always known I’d land somewhere in this space and I’m so grateful to finally be giving back in the same way that I have been given to!