Lil’s Eternal Daily Immunitea


Lil’s Eternal Daily Immunitea



Lil’s Eternal Daily Immunitea was crafted for the mindful, daily rituales we like to find ourselves in… In a world full of distractions and environmental toxicity (some beyond our control), it’s good to PAUSE and enjoy something simple and meaningful.

We named this delightfully berrylicious tea after our Aunt Lil who finally surrendered her battle with cancer and joined her eternal rest on Thanksgiving 2022. She was a soft, sweet place to land, much like this tea and her memory will now live on through the hearts and homes of our community.

Dive in deep with this beautiful blend of antioxidants, antiviral and cancer fighting ingredients and feel the comfort of knowing you are WELL, you are LOVED, and you are WORTHY.

Enjoy 15 cups brewed hot, or brew hot then pour over ice with a shot of our Organic Elderberry Syrup as a natural sweetener and extra boost of immunity!

Heartfully Chosen Ingredients:

Organic Elderberry

Organic Aronia Berry

Organic Echinacea Purpurea Herb

Organic Peppermint

Organic Yarrow

Organic Ginger

Organic Chamomile Flower

Organic Echinacea Purpurea Root


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