Organic Elderberry Syrup


Organic Elderberry Syrup

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Our Organic Elderberry Syrup has been tried, tested and proven true! Delicious and insanely potent, this blend of rich antioxidants and immune boosting ingredients will keep you feeling strong and protected from the cold/ flu and many other common illnesses. Taken daily, you can count on the preventative measures the high dose of vitamins A, B & C will take to KICK those nasty bugs that you come in contact with every day! Our fresh Organic Elderberry Syrup is brewed with Certified Organic… Elderberries Echinacea Rosehips Ginger Cinnamon Clove Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Raw Unfiltered Honey

Elderberry Syrup - Our Organic Elderberry Syrup has been tried, tested and proven true!

Delicious and insanely potent, this blend of rich antioxidants and immune boosting ingredients will keep you feeling strong and protected from the cold/ flu and many other common illnesses. Taken daily, you can count on the preventative measures the high dose of vitamins A, B & C will take to KICK those nasty bugs that you come in contact with every day!

Each bottle has 32 adult servings or 96 servings for kiddos. Please see dosage and instructions on the side of your bottle!

Our fresh Organic Elderberry Syrup is brewed with Certified Organic..

  1. Elderberries
  2. Echinacea
  3. Rosehips
  4. Ginger
  5. Ceylon Cinnamon
  6. Clove
  7. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother
  8. Organic Honey
Elderberry for sizes

16oz. Jar, 2oz. "Booster Shot", 4 Pack (2oz Shots), Quart

72 reviews for Organic Elderberry Syrup

  1. Emily H.

    This is liquid gold! We use this everyday for the whole family even our 1 year old! I has helped keep us healthy and get through the sick days quickly!

  2. Shaquila G.

    I always purchase from crunchy since the Etsy days ! Thanks you I love as always

  3. Silvia A.

    Always my go to all year around for my family’s immune system. I never struggle with my kiddos taking their elderberry because they love the taste and refreshing. I love supporting this local business!

  4. Ashia T.

    We love Crunchy Cottage’s Elderberry syrup! My 2 yr old asks for it every morning. It tastes so good and is always ready super fast and pick up is always seamless. Highly recommend!

  5. Rachelle H.

    We are addicted to this amazingness! The whole family drinks a shot daily. The kids love it! And we haven’t caught any of the back to school bugs! This stuff is magic and Whitney is the sweetest soul who has a passion for people that shines in everything she does! Thank you for keeping us healthy!

  6. Kimberly J.

    This stuff is amazing. It tastes amazing and I give it to my kids as well. She always delivers quickly as well. Definitely the best I have had

  7. Ginny G.

    I’m allergic to my dog😕 and have severe food allergies and this product is the only thing that works on me and helps me. Love that is organic because my severe allergies have to do with all the pesticides and other byproducts they put in all our foods. Thank you Whitney 🙏🏻

  8. Danielle C.

    Love it my kids don’t run from me (too much) when they have to take it- so it’s a win! But the best part is being able to pick it up at her house and see the person behind the brand!! And her aprons! Thank you!

  9. Troy P.

    Great product! Our family loves your “Purple Juice” 🙂 We have noticed a big change in our girls while using this product. Not only are they healthier and happier, but they now will only use bentonite clay toothpaste, wear blue light glasses for their shows and demand that their bedtime story come from a holistic medicine book. Thank you Crunchy Cottage!

  10. Martha C.

    I’ve been taking the elderberry syrup for 4 months, and I feel so much better. I recently got Covid and I hardly had any symptoms, just felt tired. I attribute it to taking the elderberry syrup.

  11. Katie M.

    I just love this Elderberry syrup! I use it everyday day for both my children in their morning drinks to help build up their immune systems. One is 8 years old and the other is 18 months. They both like the taste and drink it right up. This year has been insane with illnesses. Once they started taking this daily, they haven’t gotten sick since! We also love the lemonade and the detox bath. There isn’t a product we’ve tried that we haven’t loved!

  12. Nicki M.

    The Elderberry syrup is delicious, plus I feel so much better when I’m taking it regularly. I take just one tablespoon per day at the same time of day. I’ve made it through unscathed when everyone else around me is getting sick all the time. I’m sure it has something to do with this gem!

  13. Maria I.

    Love this elderberry syrup, so yummy!

  14. Samantha H.

    Absolutely love this stuff!

  15. Joseph S.

    A+ product, prompt delivery and light speed customer service.

  16. Rachelle H.

    We love this stuff! The kids ask for it daily, my husband and I feel so much better when we use it regularly! Thank you for such an amazing overall product for our health and allergy relief.

  17. Jocelyn V.

    This is my 2nd batch of Elderberry I have purchased. I have been taking a dose everyday during this cold and flu season. The rest of my family has gotten hit with some kind of bug but I have managed to evade it so far (knock on wood)! Highly recommend.

  18. Kellie K.

    I LOVE this stuff! I started my family on it after my daughter started preschool and was catching at least two colds a month. Her teacher told me about Crunchy Cottage elderberry syrup and I’m so glad she did! It has made a huge difference. Fewer colds, and when she does catch something the symptoms are way less severe and don’t last as long.

  19. Amanda B.

    Great products and communication!

  20. Heather R.

    Great product and value for the money! Invest in your health with Crunchy Cottage products!

  21. Maria I.

    Love this syrup!

  22. Amy W.

    Thank you!

  23. Alexandra C.

    This stuff is so amazing. I recommend it to everyone. I take it everyday. It’s very tasty as well.

  24. Debbie Maxfield

    Absolutely love it

  25. Alison B.

    Fast pickup. Excellent product!

  26. Corina H.

    I placed an order for the Organic Elderberry Syrup and it was ready the same day. I started taking it per directions that day. My whole family and co-workers have been sick with the flu. I did end up sick but I got over the sickness within three days and everyone else is still trying to get well. I definitely feel my energy back. I would definitely order more and I will when I get low. Thank you Crunchy Cottage for an amazing product.

  27. Shaquila G.

    Always really great. I caught covid and she changed my pickup to delivery so quickly and I am so grateful. My only thing is this batch seemed to taste more watery than normal. I think I’m used to it normally being a little sweeter but I didn’t catch it this round. Regardless we love crunchy cottage and will continue to get our syrup here

  28. Erika S.

    Seriously the best tasting Elderberry Syrup I’ve ever had!

  29. Stephanie M.

    My family loves this stuff. Great quality!!!

  30. Julie M.

    Absolutely amazing taste my husband and I take it every day.In fact I am ordering more.

  31. Cathy R.

    I was so glad to find this Elderberry syrup, as all the ingredients are real/whole. Many of the Elderberry syrups found elsewhere have things like natural flavors, concentrates, etc. Not only does it taste great, I feel like it’s helping me because I have not been sick this winter at all. I also use the Fire Cider and highly recommend it. Thank you for making this wonderful product!

  32. Amy M.

    This natural medicine has, so far, kept my husband and I healthy and free of sickness for over a year. There is no better medicine than what comes from the earth. Thank you, Crunchy, for all you do for us.

  33. Christina M.

    A staple worth keeping stocked to boost the immune system. And it tastes delicious too!!

  34. Michelle C.

    This stuff is amazing!!!

  35. B B.

    The BEST! My whole family loves it! Great in cocktails too!

  36. Lupe H.

    I’ve been buying the elderberry syrup for a few months now and my whole family loves it! Whitney has been amazing at filling my last minute orders for friends and family that have gotten covid. I absolutely recommend this product to everyone!

  37. Emily H.

    We are hooked!!! This is the best elderberry around! Not only is it delicious, but it works! We keep this at all times in our house for our family of 6!

  38. Amanda K.

    I’m always looking for homeopathic way to be healthier or rid of a cold. I bought this to just have in my home and sure enough just in time! I got a sore throat and after a full day of taking this I never experienced a cold at all! This stuff is gold and I didn’t even pull my essential oils out yet! My children (5 and 7) never want to take cold medicine and they keep asking for more of this.

  39. Maria I.

    Love this elderberry syrup, it’s the best!

  40. Isabella T.

    Love love love this product. Will be buying more

  41. Inna D.

    Amazing Syrup!!! Second time placing an order. My family is loves it. Owner is super sweet.

  42. Cindy A.

    Love the new packaging! Good job!

  43. Sherri W.

    With all the virus’s out there right now I jumped on the sale Crunchy Cottage had on the elderberry products. It is so easy and always so quick to receive the products and were delivered!! Thank you so much for all you do!! Merry Christmas!! The Wyandt Family

  44. Heather P.

    This is hands down the best elderberry syrup available! I’m so glad Crunchy Cottage ships since we moved out of the local area! This has become a staple in our house! Both my boys love it and ask for it daily!

  45. Elena K.

    So yummy! My 22 month old gets super excited when he sees it come out of the fridge and loves it, too! Will definitely be restocking!

  46. Taylor S.

    My order came so quickly and it was packaged very nicely. I am extremely pleased with the product and will be ordering again!

  47. Jen M.

    This last batch is not as tasty as I’ve had previously. But does help get over illness quicker. Great natural remedy.

  48. Ana S.

    Taste great and so far I’m loving it♡

  49. Tami S.

    This tastes great my whole family loves it, my friend bought her some Syrup on Amazon and says it tastes horrible i let her try mine and gave her the contact info for Crunchy Cottage…easy pick up, we appreciate all you do thank you Tami

  50. Kayleigh D.

    Great product and quick delivery!

  51. Kristen G.

    Wonderful customer service and the product is exactly what we needed to get through the cold/flu season.

  52. Susan N.

    Good quality product that has helped keep my family healthy in these crazy times.

  53. sherry m.

    Actually I ordered 2 jars and the pick up was convenient in the ice chest. Thanks again

  54. Lisa M.

    The best elderberry out there! I love the Elderberry, Fire Cider and ElderFire Cider! Must haves for your wellness arsenal! I also love their passion for all things wellness!! Love love love!!!

  55. Lisa M.

    I love Crunchy Cottage elderberry juice. I truly think it changes my health for the better. When I drink it, I feel better. If I feel like I’m coming down with something, I double it up and drink it twice a day and it is like magic! Thank you Crunchy Cottage 💜

  56. Lisa F.

    This stuff is THE BEST! The minute feel a bit of a cold coming on, we start taking it and it’s like it stops it right away. Highly recommend it!

  57. Colleen W.

    I have been using and making elderberry syrup for years. Crunchy Cottage’s product is far superior to any others I have tasted! The added benefits of the other ingredients added not only make the taste unique and DELICIOUS, they offer even more immune boosting properties! I’ll be hard pressed to find another elderberry syrup that can come close to Crunchy Cottage.

  58. Sarah D.

    Best elderberry syrup I’ve ever tried