ElderYummy Cacao (Healthy Hot Chocolate)


ElderYummy Cacao (Healthy Hot Chocolate)



Just in time for the holidays and the need for a tasty treat! Get cozy and enjoy a healthy hot chocolate with a little elderberry twist!

This simple, yet deliciously rich blend of 100% pure cacao, elderberry powder, organic pure cane sugar and pink Himalayan sea salt will have you obsessed with sipping and sharing the elderberry love!

Each tin can comes with 2 servings of insanely yummy cacao!

Pairs best with a hot oat or nut milk, or organic raw milk for even more added health benefits to your scrumptious holiday treat!

Bonus: Pure Cacao is a grounding, calming and rich antioxidant traditionally used in a ceremony setting amongst many world cultures where intentions for heart-cenetered healing are set and shared 🙏

Reach for our ElderYummy Cacao whenever you need a moment to feel the sacred self love within you, or a warm comfort between your two hands- so much is waiting in this sweet and savory drink for you 💜


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